Returns Policy

We do not accept returns due to the nature of our product. If you feel there is a problem with your order, please Contact Us and we will find a solution.


We cannot guarantee shipping times or the state of your order upon arrival. While we do our best to wrap the bottles in packaging and place FRAGILE stickers on all of our boxes, we are no longer able to control the state of the product once it has left our possession. If you receive a broken product, please Contact Us and we will work to find the right solution for you.

Products usually ship 2-3 business days after ordering. If you are in the Richmond area, we also offer free pick up and delivery!

Shelf Stability

Our products are naturally acidic and heat sealed, so they are shelf stable as long as they remain unopened. That means there's no need to refrigerate. Once opened, we recommend refrigerating and using within 30 days.


We offer special pricing for wholesale purchases. If you are interested in offering our simple syrups in your store, please contact us directly at for more information, or find us on Faire.

Group/Bulk Pricing

We offer tiered pricing for bulk orders. Please contact us directly at for more information, or find us on The Knot and Wedding Wire.

Batch to Batch Differences

Each one of our syrups is made and bottled by hand using only real, fresh fruit and herbs, raw sugar and no preservatives. Due to this, there may be some small differences in flavor and color between batches. We hope you appreciate this about our product - we love that it changes with the seasons!


Our product is double filtered, but it is made from completely fresh fruit and therefore occasionally contains some "floaties". These are just fruit particles. If you believe the "floaties" in your product are not natural, please Contact Us