Grapefruit Rosemary Simple Syrup

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Our Grapefruit Rosemary simple syrup is one of those flavors that has true addicts. People who buy it, buy it consistently and use it all the time! We use the entire grapefruit when we make it, so you will taste the bitter bite from the rind along with the tart-sweet flavor of the juice. The rosemary adds a savory note, while the raw sugar brings it all together. Wonderful for cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks like mocktails, soda water, tea, or coffee. It's one of our most versatile flavors, and it pairs well with every liquor. For an especially good match, try it in a Paloma, Old fashioned, or Gimlet.

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Ingredients: water, raw cane sugar, grapefruit, rosemary.

Serving Size: 1 tbsp (15 mL/0.5 fl oz)

Calories: 30; Total fat: 0 g; Sodium: 0 mg; Total Carbohydrate: 8 g; Total Sugars: 8 g (Including 7 g added sugars); Protein: 0 g.

Refrigerate after opening.

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2 Reviews

Myra R 11th Dec 2023


This simple syrup surprised me. Typically, you would expect grapefruit to be an overpowering flavor in a simple syrup recipe due to its acidity, but in this recipe, the rosemary actually stands out to me and the grapefruit complements it. It is surprising upon tasting it, in a good way. This is a good blend for a refreshing, cold summer drink.

Christine Kintner 25th Nov 2022

Great for Cocktails

Love the blend. Very unique, yet not overpowering.

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