Blueberry Lavender Simple Syrup

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Our Blueberry Lavender simple syrup is fantastically delicious, but honestly, we could sell it based off color alone. Each blueberry explodes during the process of making this syrup, and they're allowed to sit and infuse for long enough that they lend this syrup its beautiful magenta hue. Wonderful for cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks like mocktails, soda water, tea, or coffee. We highly recommend it in clear liquors where it will really shine. It brings out the botanical notes of gin, pairs perfectly with rum, and takes the edge off of vodka. Make French 75s for brunch with it and impress all your friends with a gorgeous purple brunch cocktail!

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2 Reviews

Myra R 11th Dec 2023

My favorite one = So good

This simple syrup is my favorite! It is such a delicate balance of blueberry and lavender. With sparkling water, this is so good. It is a very unique flavor that just makes me feel revitalized. It takes me back to the first moment I tasted it and was blown away! Prepare to be transported to another world.

Elizabeth Miller 18th Jun 2020

Tasty for cocktails hot and cold teas

Love these flavors

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